All LP Hoying, LLC Solar Power Supplies Feature:

  • The LP Hoying LLC Charge/output controller, available with Constant Voltage (CVO), Constant Current (CIO), Reduced Energy at Nighttime (REN) with either voltage or current control, and Auto-Potential (VIP) modes of output control. This controller provides an efficient wattage converter for stepping the voltage down to the required output level using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) in both charge and output functions.
  • Single turn, smooth output adjustment from Zero to the rated output
  • Blocking diode(s) to prevent battery discharge through the solar panels.
  • Output Conversion efficiency, typically better than 85%, improves as the output voltage approaches the battery voltage.
  • Printed circuit board LED indicators to illustrate the output converter functions including: Charge, Output, Hi Output (REN units only), and Load Drop.
  • Plug in, environmentally sealed PC boards
  • Ammeter for output monitoring. Voltmeter is optional. Digital LED and LCD are optional.
  • Low loss FET's in output converter circuitry.
  • A filter choke and capacitor network with energy recovery to improve efficiency, smooth the output, and control radiated noise.
  • Low battery voltage load disconnect.
  • Over current protection.
  • Kyocera Solar / Canadian Solar modules. These reliable, virtually maintenance-free panels are designed to convert sunlight into electricity at the highest possible efficiency.
  • SunXtender® "AGM" (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology, deep cycle batteries with unique high density plate technology are our standard battery. These batteries provide superior reliability, power & extended cycle life. The valve regulated (VR), sealed non-spillable design never needs watering, is maintenance free and operates upright, on its side or end.
  • POWDER COATED STEEL SUPPORT - 3x3 inch with 3/16” wall, ten feet long, square steel pole, powder coated – mounting for all components of the power supply. Hardened, locking hardware is included to provide for secure installation. (Hot dip galvanized optional)
  • WIRING AND CONDUIT - Terminated wiring and conduit are provided as required.

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