About LP Hoying, LLC

PO Box 275
Russia, OH 45363-0275
Phone: 937-776-9773

LP Hoying, LLC, a small, family owned business founded by Larry Hoying and incorporated in 1995, specializes in solar powered cathodic protection power supplies custom designed to meet its customers’ needs, small and multi-zoned (up to 50 zones) rectifiers, and customized training.

Only quality components are incorporated into the design of products we manufacture to ensure reliability and longevity. Providing our customers, the best equipment, easy for a minimally trained technician to understand, service and repair, and, continuous live technical support, is our philosophy of doing business. Our staff has extensive experience in engineering, business, and customer support. We look forward to working with you to provide a satisfying solution to your particular needs.

Contact us today with your needs and let us work together to exceed your expectations.

Custom training now availble! TRAINING

LP Hoying, LLC | PO Box 275, Russia, OH 45363-0275 | Phone 937-776-9773 | Email dhoying@lphoying.com


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