Utility Rectifiers

Protect your expensive assets with a proven LP Hoying, LLC Utility rectifier. Our utility rectifiers are available in constant current, constant voltage, or automatic potential control to provide the impressed current you need to protect your tanks, well casings, pipelines, or anything requiring up to 500 watts of output.

Constant Voltage Control mode: In this mode of operation, the rectifier output voltage is adjusted up or down by the operator and is held constant at the set point. The rectifier's output current changes as load resistance changes but will not exceed the set current limit.

Constant Current Control mode: When operating in constant current mode the operator has the ability to adjust the output current to a maximum desired level. The rectifier automatically adjusts its output voltage to maintain the desired current level as load resistance changes but will not exceed the set voltage limit.

Automatic potential control: Using a reference electrode, the potential is maintained at the set value automatically by the controller.

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  • Isolated 800 volt silicon thyristor rectifier stack is integral.
  • 120VAC 60 HZ Single Phase Input
  • OPTIONAL 120VAC convenience duplex outlet
  • Fully magnetic AC circuit breakers are standard.
  • AC Input and DC output surge arrestors are standard.
  • Analog meter with selector switches for reading voltage and current. (Digital meters optional)
  • Efficiency filtering and ripple reduction on the output.
  • Potential test points OPTIONAL
  • External shunt test points included
  • Screw type compression lugs for each output capable up to #4 AWG wiring.
  • High intensity LED indicates constant current control mode.
  • Output regulation +/- 2% Max.
  • Printed circuit boards have a conformal coating for environmental protection.
  • Standard ambient temperature rating of 45C.
  • Function labels are engraved into the instrument panel.

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